About Us

Be bold, seek different 

As designers, it’s our responsibility to consciously create clothing that gives you the confidence to be unapologetically yourself in any moment. 

And just like you, we feel the constant pressure for women to be perfect in every role they play while barely taking the time to breathe, or recognise our achievements. 

We love, parent, hustle, organise, nurture, and rush, and in the chaos of it all, sometimes we miss the small moments, skip a gym class, cancel on a friend, forget a birthday. 

Yet still, we soar. 

Our collections are a celebration of femininity. A celebration of you. All that you are, all that you give, all that you’re destined for, and all that you’ve manifested. 

She is exceptional

At Mason&Eve, we believe clothing is an innate method of self-expression. 

From standout statement pieces to high-rotation basics that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle, our sole purpose is for you to feel good. 

Because when you feel good in what you’re wearing, things that seemed hard before become effortless: walking into a crowded venue alone, a job interview, speaking up, feeling heard. 

So we bottled that feeling and infused it with our designs so that you, the wearer, feel rooms and spaces radiate in your presence. 

Because you’re exceptional. 



Hello, and welcome to Mason&Eve.

I’m Sharni, a Moreton Bay-based mama of three, owner of two businesses, lover of fashion, and a fierce advocate for women like you who deserve to have it all. 

From a young age, I’ve always adored fashion and how it serves as an unapologetically honest form of self-expression that ebbs and flows as we age and evolve. 

That adoration inspired me to experiment with designing clothes for my first baby, and I launched a children’s label in 2010. 

Unfortunately, this coincided with a time in my life when I experienced a lot of hardship and loss, and I found myself starting again from rock bottom. 

Those battles, and finding the confidence that comes with re-discovering your sense of self and purpose are the motivation behind Mason&Eve and my dedication to helping you feel confident within. 

I can’t wait to see you shine in our garments. 

With love, Sharni. 

“Because failure only shapes you.” - Sharni Mason, Founder and Creative