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I’m a Moreton Bay-based mama of three, and owner of two businesses, I'm a female empowerment mentor, I love cultivating the power of the sun, I'm a lover of fashion and a fierce advocate for women like you who deserve to have it all.

I work closely with mothers and adolescent women to overcome trauma, discover their sense of self, increase their self-worth and build their confidence from the ground up.

I am utterly dedicated to the women in my world.


I am here to guide you, and to provide to you an understanding of what it means to be aligned and stay true to your authentic self and WHY it is so important to DO you, in order to be equipped for any situation.

If you are unsure, that's okay, because that's why I am here, to guide, support, mentor, and elevate you to this next level.



Sharni has been a breath of fresh air! She walked into my life at exactly the right point of when I needed her. She has been able to guide me through a new chapter in my life, showing me ways I am capable to cope with stresses in my life caused by past traumas. Her energy has lifted my spirits and has helped me establish a new way on how I look at life both personally and professionally. If anyone is feeling like they are needing to be lifted and needs to be taught strategies on how to overcome any past negative events I would highly recommend Sharni

Shai Panagiotou

Working with Sharni provides the most beautiful experience. Her energy is like no one else I've ever met and she has this ability to speak words to provide guidance and support in a way you didn't know you needed. She is a beautiful soul and I could not recommend her more highly!


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